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The antiperspirant effect of oak bark

Oak bark is one of the valuable healing remedies of biological origin which is used successfully against excessive sweating because of its antiperspirant and skin-friendly properties.

The sweat and odour-reducing effect is caused by special tannins contained in the bark. Applied locally, oak bark acts as an astringent on the perspiratory glands by sealing them off, thus, reducing perspiration.

When brought into contact with the skin, the oak bark tannins form a protective layer that counteracts irritation as well as inflammation and inhibits the spread of germs. Due to the antibacterial effect of oak bark, the formation of odour-causing bacteria is also prevented, which are primarily the cause for the typical smell of sweat.

The positive side-effect: irritated skin is quickly soothed and any itching permanently relieved. For this reason, Transpimed can also be used by people with sensitive skin that is prone to irritations.


In a particularly gentle production process, the precious oak bark extract is obtained from the dry, cut bark. Only the smooth and not deeply furrowed bark is used– i.e. the bark of younger branches, which are less than 6 years old.

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