Delivery and shipping costs

Shipping within Germany

The goods displayed in us is immediately available in typical household quantities. Monday to Thursday shipped on the following business day will be shipped. Goods required 3 to 4 business days, until she arrives from the day of your order (Germany). All orders received on Friday after 12:00 with us, can be edited only on Monday and sent. In exceptional cases it can cause delays, especially if holidays are.

Important: Please allow our delivery times for your order with a and order any goods if you can stand a few days before a holiday trip or accept the delivery for other reasons!

You receive your order via Hermes shipping. The shipping costs are € 3.00, even if you order multiple items per shipment.

Please note:
Pack stations or mailboxes
cannot be supplied for logistical reasons!

Shipping to other countries
The orders are registered abroad mainly through Deutsche Post as a enroll letter - shipped. Please note that the delivery time between 6-10 business days can be. The shipping costs € 4,95, even if you order multiple items per shipment.