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Transpimed Axilla Extrem 75 ml - antiperspirant deo against excessive sweating and perspiration

Transpimed Axilla Extrem 75 ml - antiperspirant deo against excessive sweating and perspiration

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 If you suffer from excessive perspiration
- suitable for normal or sensitive skin!
Excessive perspiration is often accompanied by unpleasant odour and occurs independently of physical exertion or temperature - and not just in the summer. Even during the colder months the annoying sweating can hardly be avoided, becoming a cause of extreme stress in your personal and professional life. 

Even in extreme cases, this highly effective antiperspirant quickly and reliably prevents excessive perspiration and sweat related odours.

Perspiration is reduced even after the first application, gradually diminishing until the armpits are dry and comfortable after a few days. Once the armpits have become permanently dry, further application is only occasionally necessary.
Profuse sweating, body odour and annoying sweat stains on clothing will soon become a thing of the past! Thanks to oak bark extract Transpimed is particularly gentle on the skin and can therefore be applied to sensitive skin.
• With naturally effective oak bark extract
• free of alcohol - artificial dyes and fragrances
• 75 ml container - lasts up to 12 months
• Rated by dermatologists as "very good"
Transpimed is most effective when applied during the body's rest phase, while the sweat glands are inactive. The antiperspirant should initially be applied thinly to the armpits and massaged in 2 to 3 times per week before sleeping. Depending on individual physical characteristics and severity of the condition, armpits should be permanently dry after 1 to 2 weeks.
Transpimed Axilla Extrem Roll On 75 ml
Transpimed Axilla roll-on is an antiperspirant that is highly effective against extreme, excessive sweating. Next to the basic ingredients,Transpimed additionally contains oak bark extract. The extract from the bark of oak trees has been used as a natural remedy against sweat and odour formation for generations.

Oak bark extract also has an soothing effect on skin irritations and is especially well suited for sensitive, irritable skin. The perfectly coordinated combination of active ingredients and care substances reliably reduces strong perspiration without irritating the skin.

Transpimed also prevents the formation of odour bacteria and gives you dependable protection against body odour. Dermatological tests confirm the especially good skin compatibility even on very sensitive skin. Transpimed Axilla can regulate excessive underarm wetness permanently after a few application already and restore your sense of wellbeing.

For best effect we recommend shaving armpits one day prior to application. Apply Transpimed only to clean skin.

Please note:
• Avoid contact with mucous membranes, especially in mouth and eyes
• Do not apply to skin irritated or injured from shaving.
• For external application only!
• Keep out of the reach of children!
Note Contains
• Natural oak bark extract along with the basic ingredients which causes the light brown colour.
• Will not stain clothes.
• Free from alcohol, perfume and colouring agents.
• Transpimed is a cosmetic product and may not be considered a medical or pharmaceutical product.
1.) Transpimed will have the optimal effect when the body is at rest and the perspiratory glands are inactive.         Apply a thin layer of the gel under dry armpits and gently massage it into the skin before going to sleep.
2.) The next morning wash off the residue as usual. To start with, apply Transpimed 2 to 3 times a week. Depending upon physical characteristics and the degree to which individuals are affected, the armpits will be dry after 2 weeks on an average.
3.) The effect can be maintained with a weekly application of just 1 to 2 times. Once the desired drying effect becomes permanent, further applications are necessary only from time to time.

Transpimed antiperspirants are manufactured in Germany according to the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
More informations:
ULTICOS GmbH – Berlin

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