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Effective Solution for Sweating and Odour
Particularly gentle to the skin and extremely effective!
Profuse sweating with build-up of unpleasant odours often occurs even when there is no significant physical exertion or temperature load - and not just in the summer. Even at colder times of the year, it is difficult to prevent excessive sweating and this can put a considerable strain on your daily life, both private and professional.
The highly effective antiperspirant have been specially developed for people who suffer from excessive sweating and are unable to control the problem with a conventional deodorant. Even in severe cases, this highly effective antiperspirant quickly and reliably prevents extreme sweating and sweat-related odours.
Effective Action
Even on first application, this highly effective antiperspirant causes a tangible drying effect and immediately ensures pleasantly dry armpits. After a few days of use, the armpits remain permanently dry and further applications are then only occassionally necessary. Transpimed's exceptional effectiveness is due to dermatologically proven, active ingredients with oak bark extract, which naturally and effectively inhibits the production of sweat and odour.
Gentle to the skin - even sensitive skin
Thanks to the oak bark extract, Transpimed is particularly gentle on the skin and can therefore also be used by people with sensitive skin and skin prone to irritation. Dermatological tests confirm that it is highly compatible with the skin, especially sensitive skin that is easily irritated.
• Stops excessive sweating permanently and prevents odour
• With the natural effectiveness of oak bark extract
• Free from alcohol, artificial colourings and fragrances
• Suitable for sensitive, easily irritated skin
• 75 ml - lasts up to 12 months
• Dermatologically tested and classified as "very good"



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